Kindle for Mac app gets even better

Recently,  I blogged that the Kindle for Mac application (app) is the best way to read a book in the context of research (for example, if  you’re a student or author doing research). Today, Amazon updated the software with more features that make it even better as an ebook reader for the researcher.

In addition to more search options (highlight a word and search Wikipedia, Google, the book itself, a dictionary), you can now create collections of books — great for building a bibliography during a  longterm writing project.

The ability to copy and paste (into a Word document, for example) a passage from the book is the feature that first impressed me about the application. After that earlier post, I discovered from Aaron Pressman, there are other ways to copy and paste: “send your browser over to and sign in with your Amazon ID, you can access a copy & paste-able list of all your highlights from every Kindle book you’ve ever highlighted on any platform.”

That’s not exactly the most elegant replacement of the 3×5 card, but it works. The Kindle App for Mac (and I assume the Kindle App for Windows has similar features, but someone else will have to figure that out) may just be the 3×5 card killer.

But come to think of it, I haven’t used a 3×5 card for doing research since the the ’70s, so perhaps that’s not what Amazon is out to kill.