ProductCamp Nashville (this Saturday)

If you live in the Nashville area and you’re in product development or management, product marketing or involved in a startup, you should attend this Saturday’s inaugural ProductCamp Nashville to be held at Belmont University. It’s free and there are product development people from several great Nashville companies planning it and attending. And this is the first year — the one that people always look back and say gloatingly, “I remember how great it was back-in-the-day before X-camp became just another corporate trade show.”

I know, I know. One more of those suffix-camps.

But this will be a little more old-school Darwinian in its approach. The session topics are being suggested by participants who are willing to lead them, but instead of online voting, the presenters (discussion leaders?) will each make a 60 second “pitch” on their topic Saturday morning and then everyone selects three topics they’d like. If your topic doesn’t make the cut, you can “re-pitch” for some additional slots. (Do I need to make this more clear: You could prepare for a session that participants decide they don’t want to hear.)

(First “How to Hack ProductCamp” tip: If you have one-or-more people who want to discuss your topic, but you don’t get enough votes for an “official” session, find those people and have what I think used to be called a conversation.)

Sign up for the conference here. (Say I referred you and maybe I’ll win something.) You can make a suggestion for a session here.

By the way: I’ve put in a suggestion for a session I could lead about current approaches to online user support — Specifically, on the need to start planning a user-support and help strategy as soon as you start planning a product. After a quick overview of different ways four currently popular user-support platforms can be used in different types of customer help needs (GetSatisfaction, ZenDesk, WordPress and MediaWiki) I’d like to learn how others are helping their users succeed, after the sale.