Americans would most like to live, and most like to not live, in NYC

green acres vs. nyc

After seeing a few stories in my newsreader this week about cities where Americans would like to live or not live (excluding where they currently live), I visited the Harris Poll press release on which all of those stories are based. There, I discovered that New York City is the #1 choice for both the place people want to live and the place people don’t want to live.

That, of course, was the basis of the 1960s sitcom, Green Acres.

Having spent Saturday at ProductCamp Nashville with 75 product marketers who spend much of their time focused on the wants and needs of customers and users, this survey made me realize again what one of the challenges all product creators and developers face: you can’t create something that’s going to please everyone. Indeed, the more you please one group, the more likely you are to displease another.

At the end of the day, you’ve got to please yourself.

Or, if you’re lucky, split your time between Manhattan and Hooterville.