Looking at 2011 through the rearview mirror

Tomorrow, I’ll post some 2012 predictions. Here’s how I did on my predictions for this year.

Magazine apps will stop being called magazine apps: The point I was making has gone mainstream. Magazine companies are beginning to put out apps that aren’t magazine replications, but are actual apps — like the one Fortune put out with its 1,000 list.

The developers of any app that includes text will discover accelerometer-aided “text scrolling” is better than page-flipping: This was more wishful thinking than predicting. It didn’t happen. I still think it’s odd that such an obvious feature is not a part of apps that primarily serve as text readers. Pages and flipping and sliding are so 16th century. Tilting is so 2012. (The feature was a part of the now defunct ebook reader, iFlow.)

Expect an announcement about Flipboard, Twitter and something that sounds a lot like an RSS “newsreader”: This happened, several times. Read the official Flipboard tips for all sorts of features that turn Flipboard into an RSS reader that looks like a magazine replication, complete with 16th century page-flipping.

Questions & Answers will still be questions & answers: This referred to the obsession that was taking place a year ago over Quora, a site that was supposed to be the next-next thing. I guess you could go to it and ask why no one seems to be so obsessed anymore…but the answer would be about the same as what I predicted.

Apple will mashup features of Keynote and iMovie and create a program called iAnimator: Okay. Apple didn’t do this and the folks who did, didn’t call it iAnimator. And what I failed to mention was this: The resulting animation will be in HTML5. Nevermind Apple didn’t do it: A couple of Apple developers left the company and did. It’s called Tumult Hype and if you use Keynote and and iMovie and Garageband, you’ll see what I mean.

Designers will discover the key to user-love is simple, minimalist, user interfaces. I nailed this one. Except, I think lots of designers still don’t know it. Here’s what I mean: If you didn’t jump on the bandwagon when it was limited to Instapaper and Readability, try out Evernote’s Clearly and maybe you’ll discover that websites that primarily display text for reading are best formatted when they make such reading easy. (It took me a long time to figure that out, too.)

Two words for 2011: Kindle Singles: I could have picked out dozens of stories that demonstrate the fulfillment of what I predicted last year (magazines can turn Kindle Singles into a means to generate significant revenue from their archives is one of the points I made), but I especially like the example making the rounds this week about a magazine editor who retired, re-worked a 20-year-old unpublished 3,500 word manuscript into a 5,000 word best-selling Kindle Single.

You will publish your book in print: Maybe you did. The print-on-demand technology would allow you to. It will get only easier this year. (I know people, see.)

You will start thinking the word “social” is so last decade: Okay, so it will be in 2012.

Android devices will continue to improve….I’ll purchase an Android device: Did I mention I wrote this on my Kindle Fire?