Inst@Review: Tailor, Tinker, ZZZZ, zzzzz

Apologies to the person from the UK who is one of the 12 readers of this blog, but many years ago, I discovered that, for me, the perfect cure for insomnia is listening to the World Service of the BBC.  As their newsreaders are speaking english (at least I assume they are), there’s enough understandable words being strung together to take my mind off whatever may be keeping me awake. Yet the Ambienic timbre of their voices and their monotonous delivery of random news from obscure corners of the globe all work together in a magical way to knock me out within five minutes of tuning in to their stream.

I say all that to explain that my inability to fully review the movie Tailor, Tinker, etc., is due to my BBC sleep training and that the movie is near continuous Lunesta-laced dialog delivered in the same flat monotones that make the BBC World News a miracle insomnia treatment for me.

However, I’ll give the movie 2 stars as I left the theater feeling extremely refreshed.