Performance testing (technical announcement)

For the sub-set of the 12 people who read this blog, who actually read it at the URL,, please note that all but a couple of plug-ins have been removed. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, you share that lack of knowledge with the vast majority of people on the planet.

In short, plug-ins are like little apps that have been created by lots of different people that add features or functions to the blogging platform I use to manage this blog, WordPress.

Unfortunately, some of the functionality of those plugins can be dependent on servers hosted by the creator of the plugin and when those servers are slow, it slows down this site.

A plugin, or combination of plugins, I’ve added recently have slowed down the site, so I have deactivated all but a couple of plugins to figure out which one it is. (I say, “all but a couple,” because I would never deactivate the comment-spam blocking plug-in, Akismet.)

I hope the site is faster this morning. It ground to a halt last night.

I am also doing some upgrading on the type of server account I have with Amazon .