Robert Sherman, 1925-2012

Robert Sherman, 1925-2012

The Sherman brothers provided the soundtrack for nearly everything Walt Disney created during his career, so therefore they created the soundtrack for much of the music we associate with the films and theme parks created while Walt Disney was still alive. (Don’t believe me? Check out this list.)

One of the brothers, Robert, died yesterday in London at age 86.

Over the years, I’ve twice written about the Sherman Brothers. The first time was in a review of the otherwise fairly forgettable film, Ironman 2. I was so intrigued by the Disneyesque song that played at the end of the film, that I did a little research that resulted in this post.

However, it was the documentary, The Boys: The Sherman Brothers’ Story, that I wrote about in a review on my Tumblr account, that made me realize how amazing and intriguing — and tragic — was the story of these men who created songs like, It’s a Small, Small World and Chitty Chitty Bang-Bang (that, despite what you think, wasn’t a Disney film).

Here’s a quote from my post about The Boys, a documentary I highly recommend, however, it’s no longer available via streaming from Netflix, where I saw it, but can be rented from Amazon:

“As it would have to be, this film is from Disney (they own the rights to almost everything the brothers created), but, without spoiling it for you, I found parts of it to be the saddest thing I’ve seen in a Disney film since Bambi’s mother died.”

Robert’s songs will live forever. May he rest in peace.