How to make sure I drop everything and blog about your new book

As one of the 12 readers of this blog, your attention is so coveted by marketers and authors, rarely a day goes by without me receiving some type of pitch to write for you a blog post about something the pitcher apparently thinks that I “cover” and about which they know you are interested.

It’s quite apparent to me, however, that such pitchers are not among this blog’s 12 readers, as not even I know exactly what I cover.

Nevertheless, for the first time in the decade-long history of this blog, I just received the absolute perfect pitch.

First, it made it past my physical-mail gate-keeper who has 15 years experience of knowing I don’t read printed stuff that comes to me via the mail unless it adheres to a complex algorithm she and I have developed during her tenure. (Yes, certain print magazines adhere to the algorithm.)

Second, it came from one of the actual 12 readers if this blog.

Third, it has a chapter (or, more technically, a “conversation starter”) in it about a topic I’ll have to admit is one that, yes, indeed, I cover: Me.

So, despite just hearing about it for the first time, and, I’ll admit, I haven’t actually read it (except, of course, the couple of pages that start on page 81), let me say that John Bethune’s New-Media Survival Guide: A Handbook for Journalists and Other Print-Era Refugees is awesome and a must read for all journalists and other print-era refugees.

But seriously.

In addition to being one of the 12 readers of this blog, John is a veteran business-to-business journalist and editor whose blog and Twitter account are on my daily short list. They are informative and popular for those of us who believe the flow of news, information and knowledge should never be limited to one format.

And he throws a helluva curve ball.

Thanks, John.