Okay, if your geek April Fool prank doesn’t beat this, don’t try

My now most favorite photo of my house (via Google Maps, 8-bit)

As I have said on this blog and Twitter for many years, April 1 is the worst day of the year on that corner of the internet that is inhabited by techish geeks.

While many tech people are quite funny, I have noticed over the years that their brand of humor tends to be more ham-fisted than nuanced. And quite predictable. Typically, April 1 pranks among geeks fit into a fill-in-the-blank variety in which two parties who hate one-another get together to announce a new product or acquisition or initiative with a punch-line spin that references something in the news during the past few weeks.

This year, I’ll be disappointed if many of the fill-in-the-blank pranks don’t use a Pinterest board in their punchline — it seems so obvious and easy.

I know I sound like the Grinch who Stole April Fools, but I like production value in April 1 pranks. Unless it looks like you spent a week or two wasting lots of company time on it, you’re not going to impress me.

Google, of course, always impresses me. Unlike most companies, Google allows all of its employees to devote the entire month of February to work on their April Fools prank idea. So, if you can’t beat the Google April Fool joke below, don’t even try.