Example of well-designed and very informative timeline

While working on an project for one of Hammock’s healthcare industry clients, I needed to refer to a timeline related to the implementation of different provisions of the healthcare reform plan. (And yes, I know the Supreme Court could decide to blow any such timeline up. )

With some luck, I ran across this Implementation Timeline on the, as always, information-rich website of the Kaiser Family Foundation. The ability to open and close sections of the page enables the user to drill-down into the information without having to click through page-after-page, or back and forth on intra-page links. If this had been on an ad-driven website, I would have had to click through 50 slides to get to the information I was seeking.

And, in an industry where providers and regulators and sponsors and payors all seem to be PDF-centric, this resource is a refreshing alternative for someone who is simply trying to see what year a provision is coming online — not read through a 30 page PDF.

Most important, it demonstrates how a well-conceived and implemented interactive design can work in a professional research context, not just as consumer web candy.