Favorite spectator signs at the Country Music Marathon

Over the past decade or so, the Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon has (have?) turned into a monster event for Nashville, drawing close to 30,000 runners from all over the country. With them, come family and other supporters. This morning, my daughter came home (she lives in New York) to run the marathon (and did great) and inspired me (she has that power) to do the half (I finished).

With spectators spread over the entire course, I’m guessing there were probably close to 100,000 people cheering the runners on.

Many of them held up hand-lettered signs in support of loved ones.

But for my daughter and me (who compared notes later), a special sub-set of signs were especially fun to see: The parody sign.

Here are some that she or I saw:

“You’re NOT almost there.” (At about mile 2)

“Worst Parade, Ever.”

Two people, each holding a sign. The first sign says, “How long ’til you’re done?” “Are you Finished Yet?” “Keep Going. Keep Going.” Sign next to it says: “That’s was SHE said.”

“Insert Inspirational Quote Here.”

“Run like you stole something.”

“5 Miles ’til Free Beer.”

Then, there were some very inspiring signs. My daughter’s favorite was at about 24 miles and said, “In two miles, you’re no longer a runner, you’re a marathoner.”

My favorites were the ones held by young children that said, “Mom (or Dad), You are my Hero.”