See you tomorrow at Techville

I’m looking forward tomorrow to participating in the day-long event hosted by the Nashville Technology Council, Techville. I’ll be sharing a panel with MusicSynk’s John Pisciotta on the impact of digital media on two of Nashville’s more visible industries: music and publishing. As there are new ways that digital media and the networked marketplace change music and publishing every day, we may likely limit our remarks to those changes that occur during the next 24 hours.

The key reason to attend events like this in your hometown and region, is to meet others who are both passionate and curious about the role of technology in our businesses — those of us whose work is purely tech, and those of us whose work is, more-and-more, created, managed and distributed on tech platforms.

While some believe this is a phenomenon limited to a few zip codes in the U.S., there are some exciting things happening in cities (and small towns) around the world.

Like Nashville, for example.

There are some incredible tech-related activities taking place here (and some have to do with solving problems created here) — in giant industries that have so many challenges to solve, it’s hard to know where to begin: the management of healthcare, for example. Or, how to create new, rational approaches to the ownership and use of intellectual property. Or, how to provide the infrastructure and support that will be necessary to evolve the book industry into a digital-centric business during the next 20 years.

All three of those challenges are being addressed — in big and bold ways — in Nashville.

But then, we also have some great guitar pickers, also.