RexBlog word of the day: Positivity

I have written around 8,500 posts on this blog during that past decade.

I’ve rarely edited old posts and I’ve removed completely only 4-5 (that I can recall).

However, I’ve removed a couple from the previous two days because, in re-reading them, they seemed way more negative than I intended. (For those who need to see what I’m referring to, I’m sure Google cached them and they flow lots of places via RSS. Nothing worth searching for, however.)

While frustrated with several personal tech issues in the past couple of days. For instance, did I mention my iPhone’s camera stopped working? I’m not negative. I made a wonderful new friend among the employees at the Green Hills Apple Store yesterday because that camera stopped working.

Those posts just weren’t synching up with how I feel.

Heck, in Tennessee, the temperature has dropped 20 degrees from triple digits last week and my shrubs have been watered — naturally — during the past 48 hours.

My wife and I are celebrating our 30th-something (I know the actual “something” number) wedding anniversary next week. And we have two kids who made it safely and successfully through teenager-ness and, in a few months, college tuition. My dog, Feste, who is 14, is still healthy and Kate, who turned 5 this week, keeps Feste that way.

I’ll skip talking about great things at work, as that will become apparent in the coming weeks, as I blog more about it. Bottom line: It’s a great time at Hammock, also.

The list goes on and on.

So I’m not wanting to be negative.

Not about Twitter, Apple, my bicycle speedometer — or any technology, for that matter.

As my wife says to me often, “You must be glad to be living in a time with all this new stuff.” Yes, I am.