I have a moustache, it’s Movember, and I approve this message

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With all the news focused on disaster relief and tomorrow’s presidential election, I thought I’d take a moment and mention moustaches.

As the world is beginning to notice, moustaches are not merely relics of the 1970s or the top-half of some hipster fascial fashion.

Today, or at least, during November, moustaches are the ultimate cool thing for men to grow and women to encourage (and don’t get those two confused).

November is Movember.  And year-by-year, moustaches in November are becoming to men’s cancer awareness and fundraising, especially related to prostate cancer,  what pink is to October.

Like a long list of great ideas, Movember started in a bar in Australia. Apparently, in addition to having kangaroos and dingos in Australia, they have given the nickname, “Mo” to moustaches — which explains why it wasn’t created in the U.S., as “Stache-vember” doesn’t have the same ring.

Below, I’ve embedded a TED talk by the creator of Movember. (You, too, could be asked to deliver a TED talk if you hung out in Australian bars more.)

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