Essays and posts about marketing I’ve written recently, but not here


While I’ve been quiet the past few days on this blog, I’ve actually been quite noisy elsewhere. I’ve been helping launch some new features on the blog at Some of the essays or features I’ve contributed to may (should?) be of interest to the 12 readers of RexBlog. The best ways to keep up with non-RexBlog things I write are by subscribing to the RSS feed of my Link Blog or by following @R on Twitter. Here are some recent posts and essays I’ve written or contributed to related to marketing.:

The Secret to Successful Marketing

Except when we’re at work, those of us who have marketing jobs aren’t marketers, we’re customers….We all are experts at being customers, perhaps even more than we are experts at being marketers. But too often, when we punch in our time-cards at the marketing factory, we leave that expertise at the door. (Read more.)

Marketing at its Very Best is Invisible

Marketers too often focus our efforts on telling the world how great our products and services are. We do all we can to look and sound awesome. But the goal of great marketing should be to make the customer smarter, stronger, happier, or whatever the customer wants when they purchase a product or join an association or sign up for a service. (Read more.)

The Most Powerful Word in Marketing

Not long ago, the most powerful word in marketing was the word FREE. That ended with the creation of spam filters. Today, the most powerful word in marketing is THANKS. (Read more.)

Orvis: Marketing as Mentoring, Teaching & Championing a Passion

The company’s use of an incredibly broad array of customer media and content should inspire you to do two things: 1. Think about what you are doing to help your customers get the most out of your products. 2. Learn how to fly-fish. (Read more.)

Support Your Customers with Screencsts

Sal Kahn today proves individuals can create simple screencasts that can teach and inspire. However, that doesn’t mean that “down and dirty” is always the best way to go. Indeed, unless you are Sal, it’s probably not a good idea. (Read more.)