Bing launches Google attack ad campaign

If you’ve been missing attack ads now that the election is over, here’s relief. Microsoft’s Bing has launched a website and ad campaign (see video below) that targets Google’s paid inclusion policies.

While the “Scroogled” efforts don’t reach the level of a Super-PAC funded campaign, Microsoft is displaying its going-negative chops in two effective ways:

1. It is defining an issue that few Google users know about — in a way that will make anything Google does in response ┬áseem defensive.

2. Instead of launching the campaign last May when Google’s policy came to light, Microsoft has chosen to launch it during the holiday retail-centric season, but after the height of the Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday coverage.

It will interesting to see how this plays out.

Here is a video Bing has released.

Published by Rex Hammock

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