Grovo just declared war on me

[Update: See reply from Grovo in comments]

I’m not a novice at this stuff, but I feel I made a rookie mistake last night when I agreed to a request to register for a web service called Grovo. (I’ve placed no link to it — and suggest you stay away.)

I used my Google Mail account (which in my case is my company mail, as we are a Google Apps for Business customer) to log on and selected an option that I thought would make me discoverable to anyone who used the service who is among my contacts.

What I did, however, was spam everyone who is a contact.

Yes, that was my mistake.

But, it was a mistake I’ve never made before and I’ve signed on to hundreds of such services.

I don’t care enough to re-trace what I did to spam people, but I can assure you I won’t be using Grovo, no matter what it does, or how good it may be.