Rex-a-Sketch, a 2013 rexperiment

tumblr.thumbWhile I’ve had a Tumblr account [tippy title=”(…)”]Tumblr is a blogging platform. You can learn about it here. My Tumblr account can be found at either of these two URLs: or[/tippy] since April, 2007, I’ve never quite figured out what its best use should be. So I experiment with it.

Unlike this blog and its fairly consistent look, I change themes on the Tumblr account all the time. And while this blog has a consistent 12 readers, my Tumblr account has a consistent readership of, well, I’ve never added Google Analytics to it.

Mainly, I’ve used it to post quotes or photos that I might run across. Things that are bigger than a tweet and smaller than a post.

During then next 12 months, I am trying a new experiment with my Tumblr account.

I’m posting sketches to it that I create using the iPad App, Paper by FiftyThree and the Tumblr Theme, Paper Stacks Pro.

I haven’t established a sketch “style” yet and it will probably take me a few months to figure out what exactly I am doing. I’m going for something between stick figures and something evoking the Renaissance.

But as I’m limiting myself to less than ten minutes per sketch, I’m guessing my style will approach that of a really bad courtroom sketch artist.