Can you Contentate this Cowboy? You Could Become a Professional Contentist

contentiate-meI just received an unsolicited email (spam) from a company promoting its “content marketing software platform.” As today is not April 1, I assume this isn’t a joke, although, after reading the following way in which they describe their “system,” I can’t help but think I’m being punk’d:

“Our system manages the ideation, production, distribution and analysis components of the content marketing process, so marketers can efficiently and successfully operate their own content marketing machine, driving new business at lower cost.”

Obviously, the company’s content machine spit out that description, as I feel certain that any type of bipedal mammal, even if you buy the infinite monkey theorm, could nit possibly put together such a string of, uh, contenturdity.

As the 12 readers of this blog know, I’m not a fan of the term “content” when applied to the highest forms of human expression: literature, art, music, and similar content stuff.

Slap a label like “content” on those things which a culture is measured by throughout the rest of history and the next thing you know, you don’t really need talent or imagination or insight: you just need ideation, production and distribution. You don’t need skill or experience, you just need a content machine driving new business.

Haven’t you heard? Content is king. And a cowboy drawing is content as sure-as-shooting as the Mona Lisa is content.

No one will notice the difference in the era of content marketing.

You, too, can be a professional contentist by attending a one-day conference and buying a content marketing machine.