A speakerphone for your iPhone (that’s also just a speaker)

JawBone Big Jambox (and speakerphone for your iPhone)

I rarely give shout-outs to office gizmos, but this one I had to note as I know several people who would find it handy.  The Jawbone Big Jambox bluetooth speaker has been a life-saver for the new Hammock offices during the past couple of weeks. And no, not because we needed to play our music louder.

While waiting for AT&T to get the proper wiring to our new offices so that our somewhat antique VOIP phone system can work, we’ve done what nearly every household in America that still has a landline does: Roll over all our calls to cell phones.

However, if you are a company and using the roll-over to the cell phone hack, the dinky speakers in a cell phone just don’t cut it for conference calls, especially for a group larger than, well, one person. Especially, when you’re trying to be half-way professional sounding to the party on the other end of the line.

The other day, my friend and go-to geeksketeer, Jay Graves, dropped by the office for a conference call related to a Hammock project. Seeing that our Polycom speakerphone, the one you see on every conference room table in America, was of no use, Jay pulled out of his briefcase, a Jawbone Jambox (and thus proved, he was the biggest geek in the room). “Watch this,” he said and then began to demonstrate how the bluetooth speaker also has a microphone and, thus, is a perfect hack to create a bluetooth speaker phone that can link up with an iPhone. (Update: I just recalled that the circumstances of Jay dropping by our office didn’t include a conference call — however, he never passes up an opportunity to out-gadget me.)

While the smaller version is great for traveling and probably for a home office, if you are going to have several participants on your end, you need the “Big” Jambox, the one we purchased and that is pictured above.

[Sidenote: Here’s an ubber-geek discovery I made this a.m. while on a conference call with the Jambox. I noticed that my Pebble watch (thus, proving, I was the biggest geek in the room) was displaying the caller ID for the person on the other end. I clicked the Pebble’s button next to the name (I guess, because it was there) and it hung up the call. Thus, proving, I was a clueless geek.]

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