Naughtstolgia: Two high-rolling media, tech brands from the 00s acquired by Nashville-area investors

10mphLast Monday, Rafat Ali’s travel-industry intelligence startup, reported that Brad Kelley, a Nashville-area billionaire investor, major land-owner and conservationist, is purchasing a majority stake in the Australia-based travel guide company, Lonely Planet for up to $100 million from BBC Worldwide, the BBC’s for-profit arm. The price is far below the $270 million BBC Worldwide paid for it, reports Skift.

Later in the week, it was announced that Segway Inc., was purchased by Brentwood’s Summit Strategic Investments. (You may recall that the previous owner of Segway was killed tragically (and ironically) when he accidentally steered a Segway off a cliff.)

While it appears, on the surface at least, that neither of these transactions will result in any sort of re-location to Nashville, that both surfaced during the same week is enough to provide some inspiration for 2000’s tech nostalgia.

The mashup of the news items also reminds me of the film documentary that sometimes shows up as a suggestion in my Netflix queue (but, I haven’t viewed it), 10 MPH, about a trans-America trip on a Segway.

Talk about your lonely planets.