Maybe if we were Zappos, this story would have a more inspiring ending

hammock-brokenWhen it comes to customer service mythology, no one beats Zappos.* For example, a Zappo’s customer service person once stayed on the phone with a customer for ten hours, even though the caller was more interested in what it’s like to live in Las Vegas than in purchasing shoes.

There will be no such luck for the person who took dozens of photos of what I assume is his defective hammock and sent them today to an address that ended with: “” Over the years, we’ve received lots of email from people wanting to order or return hammocks. We always let them know they must have to wrong number.

While the very nice person who manages such wayward emails sent the disgruntled hammock buyer a friendly message, we didn’t respond like Zappo’s would have; perhaps with me jumping on a plane to fly  out and help the guy put the hammock together before firing up the grill for a hamburger cookout.

*Although, once I blogged about witnessing an amazing return at L.L. Bean (see fifth paragraph).