How could I forget to mention the bicycle is a good invention?*

BicycleBus NashvilleThere was no way I could NOT be a backer when I saw the Kickstarter Project, The Nashville Bicycle Bus, conceived by Nashville “bikepreneur” Austin Bauman.

How could I not support a cooperative venture of a creative, civic-minded small business, a local artist, bike-friendly city officials, a business and arts group, and bike- and art-loving volunteers on a project that’s crowd-funded through Kickstarter?

And that’s in Nashville, a city not yet among the top 50 bicycle-friendly cities in the U.S.**

The bicycle bus is a collaborative art project between local artist Andee Rudloff, Green Fleet Bicycle Tours & Rentals (Austin Bauman), the Metro Parks Department, and the Arts and Business Council of Greater Nashville.

It was made possible by Kickstarter backers who will get some cool things, including the one I’m looking forward to: a poster of the Nashville Bicycle Bus that will be a part of Joel Anderson’s wonderful Spirit of Nashville collection.

I try to bike to and from work 2-3 times a week, and it was a beautiful day for doing that today. (I’ve discovered, however, that some of my best rides are when the weather is rotten.) So I left the office a little early and before heading home, I biked by Day 1 of the community painting of the bus. (More information about the bus and the community painting can be found on the Green Fleet blog.)

Embedded below are some photos I took and posted on Flickr. I hope to get by there today during a cross-city ride (on my road bike, not my Ford F-150 of a commuter bicycle) and will add some more photos.

Great project. Great city. And like any day on a bike, a great day.

*Lyrics from The Bicycle Song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

**Is Nashville bicycle-friendly? On at least one list, Nashville is said to be a bike-friendly place, but I’m partial to the Bicycling magazine list created by the folks at Rodale. For those of you who are reading this who live in Tennessee, Chattanooga is on the Bicycling magazine list and Memphis is making impressive strides to get on it. Also, see: Nashville Business Journal’s tech blog regarding my recommendation for how to get more you techies to come to Nashville after graduating from college.