Customer media: The always new old idea

early-branded-contentOn the Hammock Blog, I’ve contributed a post the 12 readers of RexBlog may find familiar. It’s about my former long-running complaint-rant about those who keep hanging the “new” adjective on media created by companies for their customers. (The only thing new is the form of media or the new buzzword it’s being called, but the concept has been around since the cave dwellers.) I emphasize the word former because I’ve decided to join in with those who believe what we do at Hammock is the next, new thing. As I say in the post, “Being cutting edge is awesome.”


When I first started blogging 13 years ago, I thought I’d attempt to correct the misperception that there’s something new about companies creating informative, high-quality and helpful media for customers. Back then, the conventional wisdom among media and marketing reporters (and most marketers) was that companies communicate with customers by purchasing advertising in media that other companies own, not via media they own. But I knew the truth: Media created by companies for their customers has been around since Fred Flintstone invented it.

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