This is a test. Do not attempt to adjust your TV.

e1364941906Note to the 12 readers of the blog. Excuse me.

I’m trying out a way to post to this blog using an approach I’ll be explaining in more detail in a later post.

That post will be:

  • A little-bit country
  • A little-bit rock-n-roll

That post will be about, an outliner web application

  • An outliner is type of text editor (I guess it could edit more than text, but let’s stick with that now) that lets you arrange your text (ideas, thoughts, tasks) in a hierarchy.
  • Doc Searls blogs about using an outliner in this post.
  • An outliner is not an outfielder, a position in baseball
  • An outliner is not an outlier, a person who does not reside in the tall part of a bell-shaped curve

While one of the things you can do with is write a blog post, the way it displays on this post doesn’t really look like what I’m seeing. However, if you click on this link, you can see a “read-only” version of what I’m seeing.

  • Double-click on a dark wedge to expand or collapse what’s nested beneath that outline heading
  • It works just like the outlines you created in elementary school — the kind with Roman numerals. (Or maybe they stopped using Roman numerals when kindergarteners started using PowerPoint.)

This test will continue, but feel free to change channels to another station.