The flying car I don’t expect to see anytime soon (but I keep hoping)

flying carOne of this blog’s 12 readers (and a brother of mine, too boot) sent me a link to a story today because he recalls that in 2008, I decided to blog for a year about the technology I feel I’ve been cheated out of, as it’s been promised to me by science fiction writers my entire life: Flying cars. (That links to a year-end wrap-up of the stories I ran across during the year. And here’s a link to a Delicious list of about 50 articles I ran across that year.)

Since then, I’ve rarely blogged about flying car startups and concepts, but it’s fun when people send me items they run across.

Some of the most persistent press about flying car concepts comes from a company in Massachusettes called Terrafugia. I don’t know about their cars, but they have a great PR company working for them. Every year or so, they get coverage when they announce they’ll have a flying vehicle (or roadable plane) on the market “next July.” (I think they’ve gone through about six “next Julys” since I first heard about them.)

Today, there’s an article on (a site I wasn’t aware my brother frequents) about Terrafugia’s newest idea, a self-flying car. Like everything Terrafugia describes, it sounds pretty cool. Indeed, I think it’s cooler than any internet start-up I’ve heard about lately.

However, I’m guessing it won’t be available until next July, if you know what I mean.