How to be happy: have a great marriage

I’m glad to see that a PDF of this past weekend’s Baccalaureate Address by David Brooks has been posted on the website. It is filled with wonderful gems like this:

“The first thing to worry about: Will I marry well? This is the most important decision you’re going to make in your life. If you have a great marriage and a crappy career, you will be happy. If you have a great career and a crappy marriage, you will be unhappy. I tell university presidents that since the marriage decision is so central, they should have academic departments on how to marry. They should teach the neuroscience of marriage, the sociology of marriage, the psychology of marriage. Everybody should get a degree in how to marry. Nobody listens to me. So give yourself a degree. Read Jane Austen novels or George Eliot novels. Learn how to think about this problem from the masters. And take your time.”

At some point, I’ll be posting a link to lots of photos of the weekend our family celebrated with our son, the graduate.