Bike to Work Day is Friday. Here’s the route I take 2-3 times a week to Downtown Nashville

nashville bicycle routeI  try to ride my bike to work 2-3 times a week, rain or shine, hot or cold. When I tell that to people who know where I live and work, they picture in their minds me riding down Nashville’s busy Harding Road/West End Corridor.

“No,” I tell them. All but a few blocks of my commute is free from traffic and I can hear birds chirping the entire way. Indeed, most of the route is via designated bike lanes, greenways or limited-access streets. At a nice and easy pace on my commuter bike (think pick-up truck), the commute takes about 40-45 minutes.

When I explain my route to those who live in Nashville, they quickly connect the dots and realize there are ways to ride long distances while still avoiding streets clogged by drivers who don’t know (or don’t care) that bicyclists have the right to ride on the street.

As Friday, May 17, is Bike to Work Day (all the others are bike to play, I presume), I’ve embedded below the RexWay bicycle route from Phillips Toy Mart in Belle Meade to the Downtown YMCA on Church Street. I selected these start- and end-points because the traffic light on Harding Road at that point allows for safe crossing of Harding and the railroad tracks — making it easy to jump onto the designated bike lanes on Post Road. This western terminus is easily and safely accessisible by thousands of residents of Belle Meade, West Meade and surrounding neighborhoods.

On Friday, rain or shine, I will be at Phillips Toy Mart ready to ride on Friday. Join me if you can and we’ll go to the festivities at the Metro Courthouse.

For more maps and information about Nashville’s Bike to Work Day, visit Walk/Bike Nashville.

Click through on the map below for my turn-by-turn route, created on


This is a “fly-over” animation of the route created on the site, Map My Ride (Needs Google Earth plug-in.):

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