A great idea from Nashville featured on CNN

bike-chain-oasis[It’s National Bike Month. And yes, this is another post about bicycling. You’ll really like this one. I promise.]

Last fall, I had the privilege of spending six Thursday evenings volunteering at Nashville’s Oasis Center’s Bike Workshop. As I said in a Flickr set I posted at the time, during a six week session at the Workshop, disadvantaged kids get to choose a bike they will learn how (by doing) to take apart and then completely rebuild. At the end of the program, their work will be rewarded by earning the bike — and the knowledge to know how to keep it maintained.

Last Thursday, CNN posted the video below (full page) about the program. I am a tremendous fan of Dan Furbish, the founder and leader of the program, and the narrator of the video, and Adams Carroll, the other guy who you’ll see helping guide the kids.

It’s a wonderful program, and this is a wonderful video.