On another channel, stuff I’ve written lately

eno loungerI confess. I’ve been a post-slacker on the RexBlog.

However, over on the Hammock blog, I’ve participated in a couple of posts that might interest two or three of the 12 RexBlog readers.

The post called “How Safari’s Shared Links Will Reward Content Your Customers Love” predicts that browsing patterns among non-techie users will change when links from their LinkedIn connections and Twitter subscriptions become a prominent default feature on the browser that accounts for around 10% of the mobile and desktop web traffic. (By the way, this post was from Hammock’s Idea Email that’s gaining popularity and subscribers. You can find back issues and a subscription form here.)

In an accompanying post that I wrote, I share (with a blog-friendly subject line), “5 Ways Savvy Marketers Should Prepare for Safari’s Shared Links.”