This is a test. This is only a test. Do not attempt to adjust your set.

Recently, I’ve been away from this blog a lot.

  • jackson hole wyomingI went with my family to Wyoming. I’ve shared a few of the gazillion photos I took while there on Flickr. (Which reminds me, I really don’t like the way Flickr displays sets now. I’ve tried to let the design sink in on me, but I’m sorry, the back-end admin is a confusing hodge-podge of a UI until you click through and discover something that looks like the old interface.)
  • I’ve been working on a major project at Hammock that is allowing me to do some things that are so great, I can’t even talk about them.

For those reasons, I’ve gone a few weeks wthout blogging.

I’ve also gone a few weeks without seeing what happens when I try to create a blog post on and post it here.

Which is what this post is all about.

That is all.