7.08.2013: Links & Comments (Open ’til midnight.)

LINK: WordPress.com – Photography 101: The Fundamentals of Light

  • My 2¢: The WordPress folks understand what business they are in. No, not the CMS business. They are in the business of enabling people to express themselves.

QUOTE: “No one in tech seems to want to challenge Twitter, which is a shame, because there has to be a way to zig to their zag.” (Dave Winer)

  • My 2¢: I think Dave provided a nice zag when he later said in this post, “Publishing comes in several forms. Realtime like Twitter, and more persistent like WordPress and Tumblr.”

VIDEO: New Microsoft ad takes another swing at the iPad (TUAW.com)

  • My 2¢: Really? That’s the best you can do, Microsoft? Really?