Should I buy an AppleCare Plus warranty for an iPhone? Yes

The always chipper and hipper Appleistas.

Rarely do I use subject lines on blog posts so obviously written for search engines. And rarer still, do I write a subject line in the form of a question. (See: Betteridge’s Law of Headlines.)

This, however, is a question I’m asked regularly by a network of friends who use me as their Apple “slightly above average” when they can’t get an appointment with an Apple Genius.

In a few weeks, Apple will announce what we already know, the release of a new model of iPhone. Many people will line up outside Apple stores so they can be the first to hand over their money.

I participate in this ritual (except for the lining up part, I order mine online) every two years as I typically replace my constantly abused phones to coincide with carrier contracts.

If you purchase a new iPhone, you will face the decision whether or not to purchase an extended two-year warranty called AppleCare+ for iPhone for around $100.

Because such extended warranties always are tilted heavily toward house odds, I rarely (translation: never) purchase them on anything.

I always do with iPhones. And I’ve always come out ahead.

Trust me on this one.

PS: I’ve never purchased extended warranties on iPads or computers, but I may consider one on my next MacBook Air.