Chiapost – Thursday, August 29, 2013

The post that grows.*

Video: Nike :90 second commercial – Just Do It: Possibilities

  • My 2¢: Either I’m officially “get-off-my-lawn” old or I’m just not getting this Nike ad /video. I love the production value, direction, editing and the attitude. But I don’t get the message. It’s “just do it…more.” I liked it when the message was just “just do it.” Or, maybe I’m reading too much into it. Maybe it’s just the same old, “just buy our shoes and pretend you are great.”

Observation: I just opened my spam folder as is my custom once every month or so. Google Apps for Business does a great job of filtering out most of the spam, but once in a while there will be some false positives (or whatever one may call a non-spam email that gets filtered to spam, or vice versa). Anyway, I’m glad I checked my spam filter as a Bank in Hong Kong that is called Bank of America informed me they had $10 million to deposit in my account. Wow. And to think I could have missed that email if I hadn’t checked my spam folder.

Link: The Verge: Instapaper gets a Redesign

  • new-instapaper
  • My 2¢: I like it. Nice responsive design that works across all screens. Don’t know why they’d need a native app with this web-app design, but during founder Marco Arment’s era, Instapaper was a trendsetter for simple media native-app design, so it will be worth watching.

*I am experimenting with a post format I’m calling a “ChiaPost.” I’m envisioning these posts as tweet-like — mostly links with comments. However, I may also use them during live events or breaking news. Why such a format? I often want to say more than the 140 characters of a tweet and would like to capture and archive these items on my blog to make searching for them later easier. I’m using the web-app outliner to manage these posts.