Please, oh please, Techmeme users. Click on me

river-floodMy longtime favorite tech-news hunter-gatherer service, Techmeme, announced today that it is “writing its own headlines.” In the past, the headlines would come straight from the news-source cited.

I guess I should disclose that I’ve been a fan of Gabe Rivera, Techmeme’s creator, since, well, back in the old days when there were no editors except Gabe and his imaginary friend, Algo Rhthym. And to be honest, as a user of Techmeme since the day it was created, I have never bought that Techmeme “headlines magically write themselves” mumbo-jumbo.

Gabe writes about the new “we write headlines” policy here. Not that anyone asked me, but I think it is far more riveting than Marissa Mayer’s Tubmblr post about Yahoo’s new logo.

In it, Gabe explains that when Techmeme used the headlines straight from the news source (so, that’s the magic?), the headlines could be confusing for contextual reasons. (Or, more accurately, “lack-of-contextual” reasons.)

In other cases, it may seem that a headline was written specifically to gain traffic from Techmeme. I, personally, have never done that. But apparently some people have done that when they write headlines like, “5 best reasons why Techmeme is writing its own headlines,”

Of course, I have never, ever written a blog post about something appearing on Techmeme for the sole purpose of getting someone to click onto my blog.

I like writing for 12 readers only, and would hate to see more people show up from a Techmeme mention.