Where am I?

I can’t recall going so long without even pinging this blog. However, moving offices, work- and family- related travel and working on a soon-can-be-discussed-publicly project have finally broken the back of my blogging continuity. I haven’t even tweeted, status’d, liked or commented during the past week.

I have, however, visited briefly with two great people I’ve met through this blog.

Last Saturday, I got to go fishing in Cotuit, Mass., with David Churbuck. In addition to being a life-long boatsman and gracious fishing guide, David is a wonderful story-teller about the history of Cape Cod and all things nautical (one of the reasons, I enjoy his blog). David also has some fascinating stories about digital media as he started Forbes.com (and its pre-internet digital outposts on Compuserve and other platforms) and was director of digital marketing for Lenova during a stint that included the Beijing Olympics.

And we had fun fishing.

And today, I had lunch in Lexington, Mass., with one of this blog’s 12 readers — the only one I had not yet met, Aaron Pressman. As you can see, Aaron is now covering tech news for Yahoo Finance. But he’s also covered pretty much every financial and business beat for companies you’ve heard of. As we’ve had a continuous conversation for many years about certain types of gizmos (especially, the Kindle), it is great to see Aaron covering a topic for which he has so much passion and insight.

Like nearly every blogger I’ve ever met, David and Aaron are the same guys offline, as on.