Upgrading to Mavericks Seems Like a Lifetime Commitment

I’m writing this on my MacBook Air. Typically, when I’m at work, I would be using my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, it is not working at the moment because I tried installing the new version of the Mac operating system, Mavericks.

I downloaded it overnight. (No idea how long.)

I installed it this morning. (About an hour before crashing.)

Restarting my computer, I got a message that the install failed because of some problems on my hard drive.

The message defaulted to an option suggesting I re-install OSX, which I’m doing (Now, about 36 minutes left.)

Did I mention that I was doing this with a hardwire into the internet, not over wifi?

I suggest waiting a while before upgrading, unless you are one of those people like me who won’t listen to his own advice.

Helpful: Macworld Guide to Installing Mavericks