How Could One Not Buy a GoPro Camera After Watching This?

If the product you’re selling is a camera that adventurous people strap on to themselves to record what they see while doing adventurous adventures, don’t waste time talking about how great the camera is. Do what GoPro does in this four minute video.

While it’s no lie to call this a promotional video, I wouldn’t call it an advertisement or commercial as GoPro didn’t pay YouTube to show it to me and I wasn’t subjected to it in the middle of another video I may have been watching, say, a sporting event or episode of CSI. (Although, they may have paid something to have the clickable features embedded.)

No, I saw it because about once a quarter, I make it a point to visit the GoPro Channel on YouTube, hoping it will convince me that life won’t be complete until I have one of these cameras strapped to my bicycle helmet. I know I’ll never do anything these adventurous (and very crazed) people are doing. Then, again, I’ll never be Michael Jordan, either, but I’ve been buying Nikes for decades.