Vine is going to be a next kinda somewhat bigger thing

Vine has been around for a couple of years, but it seems to be gaining some traction, or perhaps that’s just because I’m seeing people use it differently than before. (Translation: Cats). As it’s owned by Twitter, Vine is not going anywhere, even if it’s not going anywhere, if you know what I mean. However, recently the app was beefed up a bit with some new edit features added that make it more compelling (and fun) to use.

As I’ve indicated before, I’m a fan of animated GIFs and Vine is, well, sort of an animated GIF (they call them “looping videos” ) creation tool (the best tool I’ve seen). An unlike the simple GIFs I create, Vine’s “looping videos” have the ability to include audio. But Vine is a bit of a walled-garden of content (however, the finished product can be displayed with just a minimal amount of Vine branding).  It does allow embedding (like below) and posts to most of the major social media sites. More importantly, it provides a drop-dead simple way to “play” with kinds of stop action and short video that you’ll later see can be used for how-to clips and other things besides cat videos .

I’ll post again later about Vine, but for now, here’s one I created yesterday from the window of Hammock’s office in downtown Nashville.

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