A New Rule: Re-mojo Your Bike After Every Time a Car Knocks You Down

The weather finally being nice, I got to test out my newly re-mojo’d bike…and it is great.

On December 1 of last year, I was knocked down by a car’s side-view mirror while riding my bicycle home from work (and no, the car didn’t stop but a wonderful good samaritan did). While I was scratched and bruised, the major injuries were invisible: a concussion that wiped out a couple of hours of my memory and what turned out to be–although I didn’t realize it until a couple of months of denial–a chipped-off bone in my left hand that required surgery and a wire that’s still inside my left ring finger.

But enough about me.

It was my bike I was concerned about. While I’ve ridden it several times since  December 1, it just didn’t seem to have its mojo.

logoOn an amazingly warm winter Saturday a few weeks ago (right before three weeks of amazingly cold winter’s days), a riding buddy recognized that my back wheel seemed a little wobbly (like “mojo,” a technical bicycling term), so I swung by Green Fleet, my favorite urban-bike oriented bike shop in Nashville (although, we are fortunate to have lots of great bike shops in town).

Sure enough, my bike had, technically speaking, a wobbly back wheel (or, if you insist, a bent rim). In a decision to fully purge my beloved bike of all its crash-related negative vibes, I decided to go ahead and replace both wheels and get Green Fleet’s PhD of bikeology, Richard, to give it a spring tune up. (It’s like sending your bike to a spa.)

I am happy to report that today, the first nice day in several weeks to take a bike ride, I finally got to test out my newly re-mojo’d bike (in photo above) and it is great. Thank you, Austin and Richard of Green Fleet.