Last September 4, I wrote a Hammock Idea Email called, “Learn the Secret to Apple’s Product Launch Magic.”

It referred to the movie, The Prestige, and broke down how Apple would be introducing what we now know is the Apple Watch into the three parts of a magic trick, as described by the film’s character played by Michael Caine: (1) The Pledge, (2) The Turn and (3) The Prestige.

In it, I wrote that Apple always ends the launch of a new product with the same “prestige.”

“While the audience is focused on how the new iProduct will measure their health vitals, control their home’s thermostat, locate their lost dog, and alert their flying car to come pick them up, abracadabra, Apple will do what most marketers (and their CEOs) find impossible to do: Apple will stop saying anything about the new products being better. Instead, they’ll pull a rabbit out of the hat and produce owners of those new products who have become new versions of themselves. They are slimmer, more productive, more connected with their grandchildren, more creative.”

Today, now that the Apple Watch is on the wrists of the first wave of purchasers, Apple has dropped all the technical mumbo-jumbo and has switched its millions in advertising into full-on prestige mode:

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