Bike Month, 2015

It’s National Bike Month. Go pedal something.

May is national bike month. As I live and bike in Nashville, I celebrate the month here. That link has information about a couple of activities at the end of this week: Bike to Work Day, on Friday and the Tour de Nash (it’s not a race) on Saturday morning. I’ll be participating in both.

Another thing: If you are interested in walking and biking in Nashville, there’s a good old-fashioned listserv on that topic you can subscribe to via Google Groups here: Walking and Biking in Nashville. I’m one of its two moderators.

Last bicycle thing: the photo above. I posted it on Facebook recently and asked folks if they knew who it is. The answer is Henry Ford in 1893. Ford was 30 years old at the time and three years away from completing the creation of his first automobile, the “Quadricycle.”

The rest is history: By the time he was 50, he was employing 13,000 men cranking out Model T’s so that they could start running over people on bicycles. (Or, at least that’s my version.)