Three things I’ve learned from blogging for the past 15 years

train wreck gif

These things also come from just being around for a lot longer than 15 years.

I post them today after seeing reports of a controversy that is strange, only because it’s in Nashville, my home for the past four decades. Dueling tech conference organizers are quite common in other places.

While I am not attending either conference, in brief, here’s what happened. A locally organized conference was the scene yesterday of some trash talk by a country music star (who is very smart and is a savvy business person, but whose schtick and music is of the bro-country genre) and a successful tech entrepreneur who loves to shock people by using lots of profanity when speaking before groups (disclosure: I like this person, but don’t endorse his approach to panel talk).

As the target of the trash talk was a Tennessee native who is now a well-known tech journalist and media entrepreneur, it didn’t take long for her to let the dogs out.

Fortunately, I guess, I am not attending either of the conferences.

Consider me Switzerland.

Oh. I almost forgot. Here are those things I promised in the subject line:

(1) Just because you think it, doesn’t mean you should say it.
(2) Ad hominems are not scalable.
(3) Sarah Lacy is to turning attacks into opportunity what Tom Brady is to throwing a pass with a deflated football. (And that’s a compliment, or longtime observation, at least.)

(Previously on this blog: Long-ago posts about Sarah, who, now that I know she’s a Tennessee native, I take back anything that might sound critical.)