Out With Inbox

I discovered the feature I use most on Inbox is a link to Gmail.

I’ve tried for several months to like Inbox, Google’s alternative email client for Gmail.

It’s still Gmail (or in my case, “Google Apps for Work’s Gmail for Work Professional Email” — branding has never been Google’s strong suit) but with a different interface.

I’ve stuck with it for months because there are some nice things about it, a nice interface for instance. Also, it seems to be what email is going to be like someday in the future. I say “it seems” because after using it for several months, you begin to not like that future.

Inbox is like many of the things Google creates. At first, it seems like an awesome idea that was a feature created by a company they  acqhired or a project that imploded, say Google+ or Google Buzz (or anything on this list).

Then, in the course of a business day, you discover that core features of how you use email are not yet in the new product. Things like saving something to Evernote or managing a task list — even if it’s Google’s task list. Perhaps there are work-arounds or perhaps the feature is right in front of you, but all those cool new features like bundling messages and snoozing them — cool new features that you’ve lived without for a couple of decades — aren’t a good trade-off for something you use all the time.

Then I discovered the Inbox by Gmail feature I use the most is the link to Gmail Without Inbox by GMail.

I may continue to use it on my iPhone. Maybe.

(See: There are 2 Googles, something I wrote six years ago.)