Happy Bike to Work Day, Nashville | 2016

As the 12 regular readers of this blog know, I try to commute to work by bicycle 2-3 times a week. I do it for recreation, transportation and enjoyment. Obviously, there are many health-related benefits from riding a bike 15 miles round-trip, but I don’t use the “exercise” word when discussing bicycling. Exercising is something I avoid. Riding a bike is something I love.

I’m heading out now for Bike to Work Day. Below is a map where different groups will meet-up for the ride into work.

In 2013, I posted some maps to show my route into work to show my fellow-Nashvillians that there are ways to ride into downtown without getting into traffic. You can find that post here.

I love riding a bike for fun. You should try it. (I and many others are trying to make it safer and easier to ride bikes and walk in Nashville. That day will come.)

(If you don’t see a map below, click here.)