Larry Page Thinks the Time Has Come for Flying Cars (Don’t we All?)

Bloomberg is reporting (and here) that Google co-founder Larry Page is backing two flying car startups. He’s invested over $100 million in Zee.Aero and is also an investor in a competing company called Kitty Hawk. (Love that name.)

The 12 readers of this blog know that in 2008, I decided to post items about flying cars, a topic that I thought was somewhat whimsical, but that has been a standard feature of “the future” in science fiction literature.

flyingcar2008-20081211-222926My project lasted one year and ended with my wrap-up of that year’s 10 best posts about flying cars.

Since then, however, I often get pinged by those who see stories about flying cars. And so, from time to time, I’ll post items about the topic.

For the record, my favorite “post-2008” stories are about a company called Terrafugia. Nearly every year since 2008, the company has made some sort of announcement that suggests a commercial version of their concept will be on the market “next July.” They continue to make announcements and videos.138438.strip_39

For the record, despite being a bit tongue in cheek about the topic, I do believe there will be a place for flying cars, but they will be nothing like in the Jetsons. I think they’ll be more like drones.

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