Some Back to School Things Never Change (Except for $30,000 Crayons)

Crayola crayons are still a big seller. But this big?

(Update: Since posting this, the pricing of the crayons have drastically dropped from the $30,000 amount I saw.)

In the South where I grew up and still live, there’s a tradition that takes place around this time each year. It’s when grownups say to one-another, “when WE were in elementary school, our summer vacation didn’t end until after Labor Day.”

Now, schools start in early August. I’m sure it has something to do with high school football or building-in snow days for when, in January, schools close down whenever snow comes within a few hundred miles of Nashville.

Anyway, this got me thinking about 64-count Crayola crayons which, of course, made me think about a comparison between the price of such a box in 1961 vs. 2019.

Today, a 64-count box costs around $3. I’m not sure what the price was in 1961, but the purchasing power of $3 in 2019 money would be about 36¢ in 1961. (Which I came up with using a dubious internet tool and should not be used as a citation.)

However, according to the Amazon listing below, there’s been some inflation among one supplier.

Surely $30,211.38  must be a bulk price for, say, 10,000 boxes? Perhaps this is a purchase for an entire school district? But the supplier even has competition. Or, as the fine print says, “Image may not reflect the actual item.”