A Music City Somewhat Miracle

My blogging has been muted far too long.

But I had to post this Titans Youtube video so that I can find it one day far into the future.

I’m sorry that Marcus Mariota lost his spot as the #1 quarterback. (That happened last week.) I will be his fan in the future — at least on those days when he’s not playing the Titans.

But watching the home team win is why I enjoy going to the stadium nearly every game day.

Sure, sure, there are endless excuses on why Marcus was dealt bad cards in his five years in Nashville. And a lousy O-line. But such is football. Such is life.


(From RexBlog long-ago)  | “I’m glad McNair was traded. I’m glad he’s getting a chance to play the end of his career with a team that plays like the Titans teams he led to several playoffs.”