Way-Back Web Machine

I like this. Memories by Ev Williams and Dave Winer.

I like this.

Monday (1.6.20) Evan Williams wrote this:

One the first URLs I remember being in the habit of checking (in the late ’90s) multiple times a day was scripting.com. Dave Winer pioneered the blogging form, as well as many of the tools and technologies — and he’s still at it. Writing every day about everything from politics to the tech behind his blog. Amazing.

Tuesday (1.7.20) Dave Winer wrote this:

I appreciate the shout out yesterday from Evan Williams, a former competitor who has gone on to make billions as co-founder of Twitter. It’s nice that he still reads my blog, even though I have said some critical things about Medium, but all in the spirit of trying to make the web work better. Hope they have been received that way. I learned from reading his post that he has moved to New York. I think that’s a good move, from San Francisco, which as a born-and-bred NYer has always seemed really small to me. Of course I’ve now moved to a much much smaller place. Anyway Ev if you’re reading this, thanks for the kind words.

Like I said, I like this.