Is it Okay to Ride a Bike During a Pandemic?

Riding a bike is like washing your hands. You should do lots of it to keep from getting caught in a pandemic.

Until yesterday, it had rained 40 days and 40 nights in Nashville.

The office has been remoting for two weeks.

Today, the sky is blue and the temperature is in the high 70s.

No way am I not going to ride my bike a long, long way.


So I did.

It was wonderful.

Before leaving, I noticed that on the bicycle-web there were lots of questions and debates about the protocol of riding a bike outside in a pandemic.

That’s like wondering if you should wash your hands with soap.

Here are my rules on riding a bike in a pandemic.

  1. Don’t ride near anyone.
  2. Stay far, far, away from anyone.
  3. Don’t ride close to me. I won’t crash but you might.
  4. Ride alone.
  5. Stop writing a list and go outside and ride.

(Back from riding. Here’s my report.)

It’s okay to ride, as long as you wash your hands. I experimented for 20 miles.

I didn’t see many people on bikes.

I didn’t see many people in cars, either.